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Best Shows to Watch on Netflix while #socialdistancing

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Black Mirror

- If you think the world you're dealing with is crazy, wait until you watch this show. Each episode is different and equally wild.

Dead to Me

- Although there's only 1 season to watch for now... Grab your quarantine buddies, a bottle of wine, and try to keep up with the twists and turns of this drama starring Christina Applegate.

Greys Anatomy

- With 16 seasons and beautiful people everywhere, you can't go wrong

Instant Hotel

- Get inspiration for you own home while you’re cooped up, it's hgtv and a reality show combined

Jane The Virgin

- Live your life through a telenovela filled with romance you can't get alone in your apartment

Love Is Blind

- This social experiment is surprisingly addicting and you can obsess over the couples on Instagram to see how their relationships progressed

Mad Men

- Escape our modern day troubles and visit this world in 1960's New York. If the Emmys, SAG awards, and Golden Globes can give this show numerous awards, you can give it a look!

New Girl

- Missing your friend group? Watch this loft full of adult roommates try to navigate between being friends, being in love, and all living together.

Parks and Recreation

- Leslie Knope will give you the dose of positivity that you desperately need. Another group of friends in an office that will make you die laughing and forget about the harsh world for a second.

Peaky Blinders

- Hoarding toilet paper will look like nothing compared to this family of crime. The Shelby's will keep you entertained with double-crossings, family drama, and action scenes that you won't want to turn away form.


- If you're on day 5 trapped with your family and going crazy, watch this dysfunctional family and feel much better about your situation.

The Bachelor

- You can go back to where this crazy adventure all started 24 seasons ago or rewatch your favorite seasons, up to you!

The Circle

- While theres only one season, they are trapped in their apartments and can only talk through social… so it may be relatable right now

The Crown

- Since we can't travel the world right now, hop the pond and learn about the always mysterious royal family through this series

The Good Place

- If you want a good show with twists, turns, and an alternate universe you DON'T have to be apart of, watch this one.

The Goop Lab

- Binging can also be educational and benefit your health according to Gwenyth Paltrow

The Great British Baking Show

- Spark some inspiration for the quarantined baker inside of you while enjoying all sorts of accents

The Office

- Since you can't be sitting at your desk in your office fighting with your peers, watch this group of coworkers do it for you! It will put a smile on your face and make you laugh at the little things in life.

That 70's Show

- A group of friends doing all the dumb things you wish you could go outside and do. Enjoy all of their 70's style outfits and take in all 8 seasons.

Queer Eye

- As we sit in isolation, learn how to not only upgrade your style and home, but learn how to treat all different kinds of people

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

- Want to see how excited you'll be to leave your apartment post-quarantine and enter the world again? Kimmy Schmidt will give you an idea!


- This show will make you feel much safer sitting in your home alone because it shows you how CRAZY people can be out in the world. You think you know someone...


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