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Perfect Movie Night In With Tyler Perry's "a fALL fROM gRACE"

"The Reel Dallas" Host, Danielle Hawthorne, talks with Tyler Perry and the cast of his new movie, "A Fall From Grace."

Tyler Perry created a thrilling movie about Grace Waters, played by Crystal Fox, who is a divorced woman looking for another chance at love. Early on in the movie you hope for success on her journey, but know that her quick romance with a younger man seems too good to be true. Grace may start out hesitant, but soo enough gets caught up in what she thinks is true love.

The film follows characters who seem to have stark differences from before and after an incident that changed everything. Fox works amazingly alongside her two co-stars, Phylicia Rashad and Bresha Webb to create a dark story filled with twists and turns.

This is Tyler Perry's second attempt at a thriller and he managed to shoot the film all within 5 days. Perry says he picks actors with a background in theater, because they work better in fast-paced shooting scenarios. He prefers this method to what he views as Hollywood's unnecessarily long and dragged out processes on set.

Danielle talks with the cast about Perry's quick filming process and what their theatrical backgrounds provide for their acting. Danielle also mentions that since the movie is streaming on Netflix, you can enjoy it within your own home. She asks the cast how viewers should prepare for a movie night while watching the film.

Make sure you catch "A Fall From Grace" now streaming on Netflix.

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