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Adventure awaits you at this one of a kind immersive experience

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Video Game Designers, Writers, Artists, and Award-Nominated Filmmakers...these are the minds behind Texas' largest and most story driven escapes room yet. Walking into any of the escape rooms at The Secret Chambers is like stepping into a new world, each one carefully crafted much like a movie set. Which is why we headed down to see what movie like adventures they had in store for us.

The Secret Chambers has 4 different rooms to choose from. While we did sneak a peak at all of them, The Pirate Chamber and Mafia Adventure really caught our attention. The Pirate Chamber was just like walking onto the set of a Pirates of the Caribbean film.


When you use the code WELCOME to save 10% off your first Escape Room Adventure! Discount applied at the payment screen. Fridays and Saturdays excluded!

Here are the different rooms you can book:

  1. Witches Tower Adventure

  2. The Pirate Chamber

  3. The Mafia Adventure

  4. The Train Heist Chamber

Head to to book your adventure today.

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